New School, New Class, New Room

After a two-year hiatus, I’m back in the workforce. While I loved the time I spent focusing on our home, I had to admit that I missed teaching. I missed the grind. This year, I’ll be teaching at my High School Alma Mater. I feel that in a way, I’ll be giving back to a community that I grew up in. This is where I first discovered my talents and now I get to share those talents to a new generation of IPSR students. I’m happy to be back.

We finished our In-service Training a few days before school started and while we had to finish the first quarter course outlines,  I had one more hurdle to tackle: my classroom.


Our community-supported school is non-profit and like most schools, the responsibility of decorating the classroom falls on the teacher’s shoulder (and pocket).  Yes, the school is doing their routine maintenance but my room needs more TLC than most. Thus, my dilemma.

I really believe that a room’s color and decor affects the learner’s mood and drive. I mean, how can I inspire students to think creatively when there’s so much visual clutter to distract them from the task? I knew that I needed to repaint the room, at least. Three days before the school opened, we did just that. By we, I meant me, my husband, his uncle and the school maintenance staff.  This involved coming to school on a weekend just to finalize everything. But it was worth it.


My new classroom isn’t fully decorated yet. But it will be. For now I’m just happy that it’s new paint color is easy on the eyes. It makes me smile each time I enter the room and I know that my students also appreciate the new look. They’re actually quite attached to it now.

Update: Our very kind PTG group covered the cost of painting materials! Thank you, PTG President, Mrs. Inovejas for the support!

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