How to Present in Class

So a week ago, I assigned my Social Studies class a topic to present  present in class. I realized then that I need to go over my expectations of how they should actually present their topics. They already knew that they had to present using a slideshow but I think their presentation skills could still use some polishing. 

This is what I expect my students to do when it's their turn to present:

  1. Dress appropriately. Wear smart casual attire: long sleeved polo shirts, slacks and leather shoes for men. Necktie is optional, but if worn the tip should only graze the top of the belt buckle. Ladies can wear a discreet blouse, skirt or slacks and heels. If the school does not permit civilian clothes, then wearing the complete school uniform will be appropriate. Tuck everything that needs to be tucked and make sure that you are neat and presentable.
  2. Make your presentation pop! Summarize your presentation. Keep it simple. Please don’t give us a wall of text per slide, it’s better to use more images. If you must use text, remember to use only six lines per slide. Think about contrasts, is your text font and size easy to read from afar? Have you tried making presentations using
  3. Memorize your presentation. You can use notes but use it only as a guide for your presentation flow. Do not read from the slide or your notes.
  4. Be professional. Present like you’re trying to get a promotion. Be respectful, knowledgeable and organized.
  5. Be prepared. Bring your laptop and make sure that it’s ready to hook up to my projector. Bring your own speaker, presenter and extension cords if you need it. Make sure that you have the necessary permits to bring your equipment with you.
  6. Provide handouts. Make sure that your classmates’ full attention is on you instead of their notebooks.
  7. Delegate tasks. If you’re working with a group, assign tasks so that the presentation runs smoothly. Assign someone to collect the class cards, operate the presentation, distribute handouts, etc.
  8. Use the time appropriately. Please practice your presentation at home and make sure that your presentation will fit the time allotted. This include the setup and wrap up of equipment.


Here's how I expect my students to behave when they're participating as an audience:

  1. Be on your best behavior. Please give them the same courtesy you would expect if you were in their shoes. Please do your best to pay attention and understand the report. Do not sleep or chat with your seatmates.

  2. Stay put. Do not walk around, harass your classmates or mess with the computer or their presentation. That’s rude.

  3. Ask questions. But ask to clarify not to humiliate your classmates. We all know they’re not experts and they obviously can’t Google the answer right then and there.

  4. Do not waste our time. Do not distract the presenters with unnecessary banter, antics and disruptions. They are working on a schedule.

  5. Participate and don’t forget to pass your class card so you’ll be graded.

I hope this clarifies my expectations and that it helps you prepare for next quarter’s presentations!

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