Additio App: Gradebook Made Easy

When I look for Teaching Apps, I have a few requirements:

  • Cross Platform Syncing
  • Offline Mode
  • Easy User Interface
  • Multi-functional
  • Affordable

I have to say that Additio App fits the bill and has become one of my favorite apps. Additio is basically an electronic grade book. Like most teaching apps, you’ll need to set it up for your class but once it’s ready the interface is so easy to use. Plus, it’s reliable. In the two years that I’ve been using it, it has never crashed or failed to sync. Syncing is a snap and takes less than a minute.

Additio offers a lot of features like attendance, seat planning, calendar integration, anecdotal notes, random student selection, excel exports, formula generation, archiving, rubrics evaluation, and subgroups creation, among others. So far, these are the functions I use the most but there are other functions that I haven’t explored just because I don’t need them yet. Additio is a powerful app.

What I like about it the most is the ability to incorporate rubrics into the grade book. I just set up my rubrics, and I can use it for all of my classes. I just click on the appropriate boxes and the app automatically calculates the student’s score for me.


I like that it’s easy to export the reports to excel. It just makes encoding grades so much faster for me. I also like its portability. I use my iPad to access it and have no issues. It helps me limit the amount of paper I bring to class since I also use my tablet to store documents and presentations. Basically, I’m a big fan of this app because it does what its supposed to do and more. I encourage you to give a try!

Note: I am not paid to endorse this app. I am just a regular teacher who experiments on educational apps. If it works, I keep it and blog about it.

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