Behavior Expectations

Positive Behavior

  • Come to class prepared with your books and materials.
  • Come to class every day, on time.
  • Wear your complete uniform with ID.
  • Listen when the teacher is talking.
  • Participate during class discussion, every effort is graded.
  • Be proactive in class, take charge of your learning.
  • Be helpful and kind to your peers.
  • Let the teacher know if you need help and require additional support.

Negative Behavior

  • No cheating and plagiarism.
  • Don't bully your classmates, in or outside the class.
  • Don't engage in disruptive behavior.
  • Don't be a jerk. Nobody thinks it's cool.
  • Don't challenge the teacher's patience. They have a lot of work, you're not the only student they're worried about.
  • Don't wait for the teacher to ask for your late work.
  • Don't wait for group mates to tell you what to do, participate.

Class Materials

  • Textbook (please refer to your syllabus for the prescribed textbook.)
  • School-issued Notebook (available at the school bookstore.)
  • School-issued Formal Theme Notebook
  • Student Planner
  • Email Account
  • Red, blue, and black pen
  • Pencil with Eraser
  • Highlighter
  • Paste and Scissors
  • Coloring Materials

During Assigned Presentations


  • Laptop and neccessary cables
  • Speakers (if necessary)
  • Well-prepared presentation
  • Printed handouts for classmates
  • Printed handouts for teacher
  • Anecdotal Report from Group Leader
  • Peer Assessment


  • Reserve the school's projector for class use.
  • Bring your own laptop
  • Come to class on time.
  • Wear your complete uniform with ID.
  • Set up the projector and laptop before class starts.
  • Memorize your presentation and avoid reading from the screen.
  • Conduct a 10-item Formative Assessment
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