The How and Why of Interactive Notebooks

The Interactive Notebook System (INS) is designed to teach students to better note-taking skills and allow them to synthesize what they've learned in their own creative way. Students may use any type of notebook as long as they meet the following criteria: Size - it should be at least A5 or regular sized notebook. Students may choose¬† to use an A5 binder provided that students will always have notepaper at hand. The notebook should not be attached to other subject's notebook, (i.e. Cattleya binders, 3-in-1 notebooks, etc.). Durability - the binding should be sturdy because we will be pasting a lot of materials to the page Thickness - at least 100 pages. The "INPUT" page is where all the teacher-driven¬† information, handouts, lectures and testable information are written or pasted.…
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